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Galin-Flory has the best produce...

We had never used a CSA before, and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the produce. I don't know how we made it this long without them!

Jennifer and Kevin Rankin
After years of ...

enjoying the delicious blueberries from Galin-Flory we were thrilled when they began cultivating strawberries, lettuce, radishes, eggs and other farm-fresh offerings. Getting to be part of that through the CSA and knowing how our food is grown makes eating even more enjoyable!

Jennifer White
Best in the West!

The organically grown fruits and vegetables from Galin-Flory Farms have great taste besides being the best in the west.

Cheryl and Dennis Denton
For several years...

we've been heading out to the farm to enjoy the fruits of their labor. As they've planted more and more variety, we've been happy to take our son out and show him where food comes from, not to mention being able to go over to the cow pasture and show our little city boy what a cow patty is. So now you're telling me I can have the fruit and vegetables delivered right to my neighborhood? Sign us up!

Kevin Bostwick

Why Sustainable Farming?

Our goal in sustainable farming is to provide quality produce while not harming our environment. We use fertilizer provided by our animals, we use a portion of our crops to feed the animals as well as members of our food club family (CSA).

We practice organic farming for all fruit and veggies.